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Air Conditioner Maintenance $89

Spring Special: Make an appointment today for your air conditioner maintenance to get the Valued Customer discounted rate of $89.00.

Don’t delay! Make your appointment for your annual air conditioner maintenance today. You may not know it, but without its annual cleaning and inspection, your air conditioning system can wear itself out sooner, not function efficiently, or simply stop working. Don’t let this happen to you. Call us today!

Remember that not all air conditioner maintenance offers are equal. At Beckman Bros., Inc. we employ only knowledgeable, trustworthy technicians. We are offering our Spring Special price of $89.00* for each air conditioner. Our 21-point air conditioner maintenance includes:

1.  Check air filter

2.  Check belt tension and condition

3.  Check vanes of blower for dirt build up

4.  Lubricate motors and bearings

5.  Check and set air bypass dampers

6.  Shut down humidifier (if applicable)

7.  Check condensate line

8.  Check thermostats

9.  Check condenser coil

10.  Check contactor contacts for burning

11.  Tighten all 220V screw down terminals

12.  Check capacitors for swelling leakage

13.  Check condition of wiring

14.  Lubricate fan motor

15.  Inspect cabinet for signs of oil or refrigerant leaks

16.  Check disconnect for fuses and condition of same

17.  Check amp draw of compressor and fan motor

18.  Check temperature drop across condenser

19.  Check temperature drop across evaporator

20.  Check Freon level if needed

21.  Check overall efficiencies and overall operating conditions

FREE PIE! Back by popular demand and as part of our Valued Customer Special, we are offering a free Baker’s Square pie coupon with your next scheduled maintenance appointment.

Considering replacing your air conditioner or complete HVAC system? Choosing high efficiency equipment can dramatically reduce your utility bills. Contact us today for your free estimate. We also offer special financing - including no monthly interest. Ask our technicians or call Beckman Bros., Inc. today for information on promotional financing offers.

Ask about our Maintenance Agreement. Beckman Bros., Inc. maintenance agreement customers save 15% on service repairs, 10% on equipment and accessories, and never pay an overtime charge. Be sure to ask us ask for details!

Please call us at 847-223-7870 or fill out the form below to schedule your air conditioner maintenance. In order to satisfy your request, please specify three options. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm.

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