Top 5 Reasons to Avoid DIY HVAC Repair

As a homeowner in Round Lake, IL, you may know your way around a toolbox and a hardware store. Thus, when your HVAC system isn’t working correctly, you might feel tempted to take on the repair yourself. However, a DIY HVAC repair can be unsafe and expensive. Here are five reasons you should turn to professionals for HVAC repairs:

Risk of Electrocution

Your HVAC system contains electrical connections. If you’re not a certified professional and you attempt to repair an electrical problem with your HVAC system, you could be electrocuted if you touch the wrong surface. It is better to call in a professional.

Carbon Monoxide Hazard

Your gas furnace can operate safely if properly maintained, which is why gas furnaces are so common. However, even a small leak could lead to carbon monoxide building up in your home over time. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas and deadly when inhaled. You can protect your family by hiring a professional for your gas furnace repair.

Fire Hazard

A DIY HVAC repair can result in severe fires. This is due to the combination of electrical issues and gas leaks. The electrical issues could create a spark. That would be all it takes to set your home ablaze if your non-professional repair also results in a gas leak.

Home Insurance Policy Violations

The insurance policy you have for your home might require that critical repairs, such as HVAC repairs, are done by certified professionals. This is understandable, considering the risks mentioned above. Avoid DIY HVAC repair to prevent policy violations.

DIY HVAC Repair Mistakes Cost

If you make a mistake with your DIY HVAC repair, you may damage parts in your system while also voiding the warranty on parts. Ultimately, you would need to cover higher repair and replacement costs. Save money by hiring a professional.

Beckman Bros., Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning is here to handle all your heating and air conditioning repair needs. Contact us to schedule emergency service right away.

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