Why Does My Home Have Uneven Airflow in Gurnee, IL?

In a home with uneven airflow in Gurnee, IL, some rooms are hotter than desired while others may be too cool. This creates discomfort in the home, leading to higher utility bills and more repair costs. Here are a few reasons your home might have uneven airflow:

Closed Registers

As long as your air ducts are in good shape, opening all registers supports even airflow throughout the rooms. In addition, keeping the interior doors open and turning the ceiling fans on periodically throughout the house helps support the free flow of air.

Dirty Filters

Dirty air filters impede the flow of air around your house, resulting in uneven heating and cooling. Cleaning or replacing air filters regularly often resolves an airflow problem. It also optimizes the HVAC system’s efficiency and improves your indoor air quality.

Damaged Air Ducts

Damaged air ducts allow the conditioned air to escape, resulting in uneven airflow. Service technicians typically discover damaged ducts during an inspection.

If so, repairs or duct replacement services are necessary. In rare instances, the home’s air ducts are fine, but you may need more return ducts for optimized airflow.

Check Your Thermostats

In homes with two HVAC systems and two thermostats, different program settings result in uneven heating and cooling. Review the settings for both thermostats and make the necessary changes to support even airflow. Use programmable thermostats when possible.

You may also have a faulty thermostat in your home. If a thermostat doesn’t detect your home’s temperature accurately, it sends incorrect signals to your HVAC system which can affect airflow. Some factors to consider include the need to replace your batteries, faulty wiring or poor thermostat placement.

Uneven airflow in homes can be problematic, potentially straining your HVAC system and decreasing its lifespan. Our team always focuses on meeting each customer’s needs while supporting their comfort at home. Schedule your HVAC system repair with Beckman Bros., Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning today for quality service in Gurnee, IL.

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